There is no better place than Christmas on Bainbridge Island!  Our little town looks just like the town in the classic “It’s a Wonderful Life”, without the snow.  I have been so tempted to run down the streets at night, tapping the window’s of our wonderfully lit up boutiques yelling “Merry Christmas you big beautiful Blackbird Bakery”! Those that know me, know that there’s a good possibility that I’ll do just that.

Everyone is in such good spirits this season.  Even though the economy has been challenging for many, it hasn’t dampened the Christmas spirit here.  Generosity is everywhere!  My office adopted 9 children this year in need.  It was so fun to work together for others.  We shopped, we wrapped, we laughed and it felt really good to give to others.  I am continually proud of the company I’ve chosen to work for and those I work with.

Just walking in Winslow day or night, I find my neighbors smiling more and saying hello with a jovial hug. We really are a “Small Town with a Big Heart”.  If you haven’t bundled up and strolled through Winslow at night yet, I encourage you to do so.  The merchants have lit up their stores and window shopping is at it’s finest right now.  Of course, I’d encourage you to shop the boutiques throughout Winslow as well.  Pretty much everything you’ll need on your shopping list, can be found right here locally.  And it feels so good to shop knowing that you are supporting the families in our community!